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Our human health and ecological risk assessment specialists work with our remediation practitioners to develop site-specific solutions that achieve needed levels of protection while optimizing financial commitments and operational practicalities for our clients.

Geosyntec is conducting a Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study at the Berry’s Creek Superfund Site in Bergen County, New Jersey, that is one of the first in the country to address the entire watershed.

Innovative Solutions for Complex Problems

We believe that through the use of alternative, science-based approaches, risk assessment can be a powerful tool for site closure, redevelopment planning, and management of environmental liabilities.

As one example of our innovative risk assessment capabilities, we recently used a detailed spatial analysis of soil sampling results to support the averaging of composite samples in estimating exposure point concentrations for use in a risk assessment of areas adjacent to a stormwater drainage channel. Our efforts saved our client more than $500,000 in investigation costs and accelerated the implementation of remedial action at the site.

Geosyntec incorporates concepts, experience, and knowledge from multiple technical areas to better understand human health and ecological risks and provide comprehensive innovative solutions.

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Integrated Technical Areas

Sediment Assessment and Remediation
Geosyntec uses a multidisciplinary approach to bring together nationally recognized, in-house specialists in engineering, ecology and biological sciences, risk assessment and applied toxicology, and earth sciences to address the complex issues associated with contaminated sediment management. This includes Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA), from the preliminary assessment, to injury assessment and restoration planning, and finally through to restoration implementation.


Subsurface Vapor Intrusion to
Indoor Air

Geosyntec has applied nearly two decades of experience and knowledge on more than 100 projects, helping our clients protect human health, comply with regulatory requirements, minimize potential third party liability, and facilitate Brownfields redevelopment in areas with potential risk for impact by vapors from contaminated soil and groundwater.

Water and Natural Resources Conservation and Restoration
Geosyntec provides specialized water and natural resources management services for the conservation and restoration of, and sustainable development adjacent to lakes, rivers, and coastal zones throughout the United States.

Site Assessment and Remediation
Geosyntec provides site assessment and remediation services utilizing proven technologies that are often considered innovative in their application including: site investigation, planning, design, feasibility studies, regulatory negotiations, permitting,  procurement, construction management and quality assurance, decommissioning and demolition (D&D) management, and post-construction monitoring.

Our Experience Benefits Your Project Results

pdf Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study at the Berry’s Creek Superfund Site
link Marsh Sediment Removal Action and Ecological Risk Assessment
link Risk Assessment of Potential Subsurface Vapor Intrusion Adjacent to a Manufacturing Plant
link Bolsa Chica Wetlands Restoration Design
link Public Health Risk Assessment in Support of Use Attainability Analysis
link Evaluation of the Ecological Impact from MTBE on the Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge
link RCRA Corrective Action Program Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment

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