Rainwater Harvesting and Integrated
Stormwater Management Systems


Our Low Impact Development Services include unparalleled experience in both the design and the implementation of advanced rainwater harvesting and integrated stormwater management systems.

Underlying the Needham Public Library parking lot is a cistern specially designed to collect harvested rainwater for future site irrigation.

Forward-Thinking Solutions

Geosyntec professionals have over six years of dedicated design and implementation experience specific to roof and site water harvesting and reuse systems. Having designed and/or built over 100 such systems, including cold-climate applications, Geosyntec’s subsidiary, Rainwater Re­covery, delivers the latest hands-on knowledge in these emerging technologies.

Our comprehensive design capabilities allow us to provide end-to-end solutions for a wide variety of applications: from proprietary cistern sizing and optimization modeling, water collection and pre-filtration strategies to integration with site storm­water infrastructure, design of filtration, treatment, and water distribution systems as well as functional control logic and controller design that allows for integration with SCADA systems, Building Manage­ment Systems, and remote access and monitoring. We provide innovative solutions to private, mu­nicipal, and industrial clients with water challenges on the site, municipality or watershed scale.

We incorporate the latest state and federal regulations on stormwater management, such as EISA and EO13514, into full site drainage strategies from conceptual design through implementation. When integrated with site stormwa­ter infrastructure, forward-thinking solutions emerge that offer cost savings in solving both water conser­vation and stormwater flow mitigation challenges.

Geosyntec Drives Innovation

An example of Geosyntec’s innovation is the development of the Advanced Harvesting Controller. Currently under Patent Pending protection, this controller technology allows for the optimization of harvesting system cistern storage while doubling the function of this storage to act as peak storm flow mitigation for stormwater control.

This technology is especially beneficial in Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) mitigation, wherein peak storm flows are arrested at the cistern, thereby reducing the incidence of overflows of Combined Sewers to receiving waters. This stored volume is then available for beneficial use to meet water conservation goals or objectives.

Geosyntec uses modular vault construction
for cisterns and our controller to optimize total stormwater management efficiency.

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Typical Harvested Rainwater Uses

  • Landscape irrigation
  • Agricultural irrigation
  • Sewage conveyance
  • Cooling tower make-up
  • Industrial or plant processes
  • Vehicle washing
  • Fire protection
  • Fountains and landscaping
  • Potable water source

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