Sediment Management Services: Advanced Assessment, Design, and Remediation in Practice

Geosyntec applies reliable and sustainable solutions to the investigation, evaluation, and remediation of sediment sites to manage the performance, financial, and human health/ecological risk associated with sediments.

Sediment risk management strategy at Berrys Creek Superfund Site

Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study at the Berry’s Creek Superfund Site Bergen County, New Jersey. Geosyntec is conducting an RI/FS at the Berry’s Creek Superfund Site that is one of the first in the country to address the entire watershed.

Sustainable Solutions for Sediment Control

Geosyntec practitioners possess the environmental technology to conceptualize and implement all aspects of sediment assessment and remediation programs.

We specialize in the assessment and remediation of sites where sediments have been impacted by a wide range of contaminants including metals, crude oil and refined petroleum compounds, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, pesticides, and PCBs. Our conservation, remediation, and restoration experience includes sites ranging from small, intermittant flow streams to large man-made and natural lakes, as well as complex river, estuary, and harbor systems. Our multidisciplinary approach brings together nationally-recognized in-house specialists in engineering, ecology and biological sciences, risk assessment and applied toxicology, and earth sciences to address the complex issues associated with contaminated sediment management.

Geosyntec has provided sediment treatment testing services to support a wide variety of environmental remediation projects for more than ten years. Treatability studies provide important data for sediment management projects to help our clients and Geosyntec design engineers better understand the physical, chemical, and biological processes that can help mitigate potential risks associated with chemicals in the environment. These studies are critical for understanding and demonstrating attenuation processes that can occur in sediment if natural conditions are maintained, cap material is placed on top of sediment, or enhancements are added to the sediment or cap material.


Geosyntec Sediments Projects

In sediment remediation sites, our geotechnical expertise has allowed us to creatively solve challenging sediment consolidation and capping scenarios meeting regulatory requirements and exceeding project goals.

To find out more about our work in sediments assesment and remediation, visit our Sediment Assessment and Remediation Practice page.

Environmental Technology For Project Results

Berry's Creek
Aberdeen Proving Ground
Terry Creek
LNG Facility, Savannah
Houston Ship Channel

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Environmental Techniques

Geosyntec is pioneering sampling, analysis and data evaluation techniques as a part of the remedial investigation of the Berry’s Creek Superfund site in New Jersey. This includes development of new techniques for collecting deep marsh cores and innovative data evaluation processes to quantify risk on this sediment mega-site.

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Geosyntec is a specialized consulting and engineering firm that works with private and public sector clients to address new ventures and complex problems involving our environment, natural resources, and civil infrastructure.

Since our founding in 1983, we have built top tier specialty practices to meet our clients' needs in environmental studies and remediation, natural resources assessment and restoration, engineering and design for environmental, water resources, geotechnical, and structural infrastructures, and safety and risk evaluation, planning and mitigation.

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