OptiStorm Reduces Combined Sewer Overflow Events, Delays the Need
for System Expansion, and Maximizes Stormwater Harvesting Potential


Geosyntec's pioneering OptiStorm Harvesting Controller dynamically combines on-site rainwater harvesting and optimized stormwater runoff control.

Geosyntec developed technology that, for the first time, provides intelligent stormwater detention and optimized re-use functionality in one small package (actual dimensions 2.5” x 3.75”) .

OptiStorm is a Dramatically Different Approach for Stormwater Control and Water Conservation

Geosyntec applied advances in design and system architecture, dynamic control systems, and real-time data acquisition to rainwater harvesting systems with powerful results. Our advanced solution set provides for tightly integrated harvesting system and stormwater infrastructure that, for the first time, mitigates Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) events, precludes system expansions, and maximizes harvesting potential.

For retrofit projects, the technology provides short return-on-investment while realizing significant performance enhancements in existing infrastructure for both stormwater control and water conservation.

Geosyntec has a proven record of successfully developing emerging technologies that provide tangible results and increased efficiency. The latest example of Geosyntec’s technology enables a significantly different approach to site stormwater management.

U.S. EPA Clean Watersheds Needs Survey (1.3MB)

OptiStorm Brings Weather Forecasting Capability to Stormwater Engineering

Geosyntec’s OptiStorm Harvesting Controller delivers the latest development in stormwater control and water harvesting technology for integrated water management. Currently under Patent Pending protection, OptiStorm technology integrates predictive weather information with real-time data and modeling capability.

Our new technology maximizes cistern or detention storage use for both harvesting system efficiency and effective peak runoff control, facilitating project permitting and stormwater management regulatory compliance.

OptiStorm’s weather tracking capability mitigates CSOs by releasing cistern-stored water prior to a storm event then detaining new runoff in the storage system. This reduces the incidences of CSOs to receiving waters.  Following storm events, the stored volume is then available for beneficial use to meet water conservation goals or objectives.

The OptiStorm Controller analyzes and resolves Quantitative Precipitation Forecast information in conjunction with real-time system monitoring or operating parameters to provide autonomous operation or decision support information.

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OptiStorm Harvesting Controller

  • Wide-ranging, customizable functionality
  • Integrates predictive weather information, real-time data, and flexible modeling software
  • Remote monitoring and control from any internet enabled device including Smartphones

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