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Advanced Solutions for Radiological Waste Management at Complex Sites

Geosyntec's experience in radiological waste management includes sites involving contamination of groundwater with proximity to rivers and populated residential areas.

Nuclear Metals, Inc., located in Concord, MA, is a Superfund site listed on the National Priorities List. Above is our visualization of uranium contamination under a depleted uranium holding basin. The site is above a groundwater flow leading to a river, and the site is near a residential neighborhood. Learn More...

Radiological Waste Management

Geosyntec's senior practitioners work with regulators and stakeholders to develop solutions for radiological waste management, packaging and transportation, decontamination and decommissioning (D&D), and environmental restoration. Our long-standing relationships with regulators and our established credibility both contribute to securing approval of permits and deliverables and moving these demanding projects forward in a timely manner.

Our Radiological Waste Management Experience Benefits Your Project Results

  • Fundamental understanding of enriched fuel transport risk because of analyses done in support of repatriation of nuclear fuel from Sellafield in the United Kingdom
  • Highly specialized groundwater and soil restoration capability with many technical innovations
  • Substantial experience with radionuclide-driven D&D projects. History of supporting major contractors or owners on nuclear-related D&D projects
  • Accustomed to, and adept at, supporting major engineering and construction firms on complex, long-term programs
Recognized Excellence in Radiological Waste Management

Geosyntec was selected as the engineer of record for the permitting, design, and quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) services during construction, filling, and closure of the Onsite Disposal Facility. Geosyntec provided permitting, design, and construction services for the 8-cell on-site disposal facility to accommodate impacted soils and other materials associated with the demolition of the Department of Energy facility.

After declaration of closure of the OSDF designed by Geosyntec Consultants, Mr. Uday Kumthekar, P.E., Fernald Closure Engineering Manager, stated, "A 1992 government report forecasted completion of clean-up in 2019 at a cost of $12.2 billion. The site clean-up was declared complete by Fluor Fernald on 29 October 2006 at a total clean-up cost of $4.4 billion. The accelerated schedule and cost savings were possible due largely to regulatory approval of on-site disposal facility (OSDF) of almost 3 million banked cubic yards of low level radioactive and RCRA wastes." Geosyntec was able to meet (and in many cases exceed) all the criteria set forth by the U.S. DOE within the rigorous 15-month regulatory approval schedule. Geosyntec's 90 percent design submittal was accepted as final by the regulatory agencies and DOE and was a major milestone achievement in accelerating completion of the project. This project has been recognized for its technical accomplishments by the American Council of Engineering Companies and the Georgia Engineering Alliance for engineering excellence.

Learn More About the Onsite Disposal Facility for Low-level Radioactive Wastes from Fernald D&D Program>>

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