Strategic Approaches and Innovative Technologies for Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) Sites

Geosyntec's depth of experience, strategic approaches, and innovative technologies assist our clients in evaluating and mitigating various environmental media at manufactured gas plant sites.

Sediment risk management strategy at Berrys Creek Superfund Site

Since 2001, Geosyntec has assisted We Energies with environmental issues related to the redevelopment of a former manufactured gas plant site. To learn more about this project, please see our Assessment and Engineering Services for the Redevelopment of a Former Manufactured Gas Plant Site >>

Statement of Qualifications for Former Manufactured Gas Plant Sites

Strategic Approaches to MGP Sites

Geosyntec professionals have comprehensive experience investigating and remediating former manufactured gas plants (MGPs), stakeholder negotiations, development of remedial strategies, serving as expert witnesses, and otherwise assisting with litigation. Services include site investigation, feasibility studies, development and implementation of remedial action plans, evaluation of treatment options, value engineering as part of a third party review of another firm's work, assessment and mitigation of subsurface vapor intrusion pathways, and site closure.

Our specialized MGP site expertise demonstrates our capability to quickly deploy teams to assist clients with:

  • Site Characterization
  • Over 30 seasoned MGP practitioners
  • Remedial Investigation and Design
  • Construction Services
  • Risk Assessment
  • Brownfield Redevelopment
  • Sediment Remediation
  • Regulatory Negotiation
  • Community Relations

Innovative Technologies for MGP Sites

Geosyntec defines the state of the practice in many fields because of our strong academic >and research interests. One example of our innovative technological approaches is STAR: (Self-sustaining Treatment for Active Remediation). STAR is an innovative technology to remediate Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (NAPLs) which uses smoldering combustion to quickly and efficiently destroy contaminants. Another example is our Corrective Action Plan (CAP) for site and stream remediation and reduction of hydrocarbons using an air sparging fence in a fractured bedrock aquifer. 

Representative Manufactured Gas Plant Site Experience
Assessment and Engineering Services for the Redevelopment of a Former Manufactured Gas Plant Site CAP Approach to Site/Stream Remediation and Reduction of Hydrocarbons in Fractured Bedrock Aquifer at a Former Manufactured Gas Plant
In-Situ Groundwater Remediation, Remedy Selection and Remedial Design at a MGP Site Ecological and Functional Wetland Assessment and Toxicity and Sediment Testing at a Former Manufactured Gas Plant
Development and Implementation of a Soil and Groundwater Remediation Program Contamination Assessment Plan for a Historical Park Impacted by Former Manufactured Gas Plant Operations
RCRA Corrective Actions in Accordance with SWMU Corrective Action Permit Forensic Analysis of Subsurface Vapor Intrusion to Indoor Air and Background Conditions at a Former MGP Site
Site Characterization and Remedial Design at the Quanta Resources NPL Site    
Ecological Risk Assessment at a Former MGP Site    
Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study Review at a Former MGP Site    
Remedial Services for MGP-Contaminated Site    

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Self-sustaining Treatment for Active Remediation (STAR) is a new remediation approach with the potential to combine technical effectiveness, quick treatment, and substantial savings in operation and maintenance costs relative to currently available techniques. STAR is provided by our environmental technology research & testing laboratory SiREM, a wholly owned subsidiary of Geosyntec.
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