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Construction Stormwater Training in California

A Certified Trainer of Record provides the training required to certify individuals as Qualified SWPPP Developers and Qualified SWPPP Practitioners under the California regulations impacting construction. [Section IX. Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) of the Construction General Permit Order No. 2009-009-DWQ]

Geosyntec is pleased to announce that Kim Williams, Michael Harding, and Courtney Wilson have been designated by the California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA) as Certified Trainer of Record.  CASQA based the selection on erosion and sediment control expertise, academic credentials, and training competencies of the applicants.  Ms. Williams, Mr. Harding and Ms. Wilson are part of a set of trainers qualified to conduct training required under the California General Construction Permit.   

Geosyntec Consultants' CASQA Qualified Trainers of Record
Kim Williams, PE, CPSWQ, has nearly 20 years experience in stormwater quality compliance at a programmatic and project-specific level for both private and public sector projects. Ms. Williams' practice focuses on construction and permanent stormwater best management practices (BMPs), water quality monitoring techniques, water quality issues, and maintains a current understanding of stormwater regulations. She has extensive experience in providing technical oversight of construction NPDES compliance at hundreds of sites throughout California and nationwide and has served as a principal investigator in developing a substantial revision to the California BMP Handbook (Construction) sponsored by CASQA.
Michael Harding, CPESC, has over 30 years of experience in developing and presenting stormwater and sediment and erosion control courses in the classroom and field setting. He has developed and published standard specifications for erosion and sediment control and stormwater BMPs. Through pilot programs and student education, Mr. Harding has hands- on experience in the underlying engineering tools used to develop guidance materials. Additionally, Mr. Harding has played key roles in the emergency soil stabilization efforts following several major Southern California fires, including the 1991 Oakland firestorm and the 2003 and 2007 San Diego County fires.
Courtney Wilson, P.E., has nine years of experience in storm water compliance and management, BMP selection and design, environmental, and land development projects. Since joining Geosyntec in 2010 her work has focused on NPDES compliance. This work has included the development of the current California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA) Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) template, and preparation of numerous SWPPPs and site-specific Stormwater Monitoring Programs. She has developed and conducted training for NPDES compliance, QSD/QSP certification, and on-site field implementation. She has conducted over 100 NPDES compliance audits throughout California, Oregon, and Nevada, and manages construction compliance programs on behalf of Phase I municipalities.

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Key Benefits

  • Understand the California General Permit
  • Prepare for the QSP Exam
  • Prepare for the QSD Exam
  • Learn SWPPP Best Management Practices  

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